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A state-of-the-art application through which doctors can monitor their patients. The application covers everything from remote health monitoring, report generation, e-prescription, emergency services, and other amazing features. This revolutionizing technology is perfect for maintaining chronic diseases and attaining a healthier lifestyle.


Tried and tested.


DigiCure was solely created to make the life of diabetic patients easier and to normalize their lifestyle. DigiCure consists of unique features that are designed to ensure the holistic care of individuals who suffer from Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes.

This is unlike any other app in the market, as it allows live monitoring of patients, through its Bluetooth-enabled health monitoring devices, replicating the role of a 24x7 caregiver. The app has been overall curated in a way that will ensure that the users get the most out of it through its one-stop solution set up


UPAY, a Digital Financial Service brand, is aiming to help aspirers achieve their goals through easy, secure, and innovative Digital Financial Solutions.

ZS Solutions Limited is the proud partner for Upay, the digital financial service brand of UCB Fintech Company Limited, a subsidiary of the United Commercial Bank.

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Using SMS and email to connect with your stakeholders is a highly efficient yet cost-effective process. Our SmartMessage messaging services provide a full end-to-end global bulk enterprise messaging solution. . This project was highly successful as the service was used by multiple clients.


TableChief is a revolutionary restaurant management system. This is a joint venture with Hermes Technology. It allows restauranteurs to have their very own dedicated app with a management portal. This app allows them to seamlessly carry out all the physical tasks virtually, saving time and expenses.



This app takes care of all the accounting needs of a firm or a business. Number House allows small business owners to take pictures of their sales or expenses which would then be reflected on their yearly accounts. Thus freeing up their precious time so that they can concentrate on what matters to them most.

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