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Vyond-The best animated video making tool

Have you come across animated infomercials on pages, YouTube and other platforms? Did you wonder how they were made so beautifully while thinking that it might be so hard to manifest something like that? The answer to all your questions may just be this infamous web application called “Vyond”.

There are many different mediums that can be availed to create animated video contents, but this all-rounder platform definitely takes the cake. Keep in mind that even though it is easy to use, it has been designed for professional content creators or enterprises. The subscription is a bit high as compared to usual prices we see. The prices start from $299/month to $649/month & $999/month for Essential, Premium and Professional packages respectively. There are monthly packages as well, but they advise on using the yearly packages to save 40-48%. Additionally there is a package called “Enterprise”, where you can contact Vyond and customize the app based on your requirements.

One of the attractive features of this app would definitely be the visual styles it offers. Business friendly animation with characters and already existing scenarios makes it easy to create a videos. This will also aid to generating ideas for a narrative.

Alongside, you can add any characters of your choice, and choose from thousands of dressing, hairstyle and facial features options. You can add the camera angle to look like a real life video, the characters walk normally and have very natural movements. If you want your character to talk, you can do it too. They lip-sync looks very realistic and you can incorporate any accent in any voice. The "whiteboard" option will endorse the creation of tutorials. Which might come in very handy during this pandemic.

Videos with only backgrounds and writings on top can also be constructed. There are many choices of element like gadgets, food items, fireworks, daily use items that you can use and move in the videos. The expressions, actions, postures & sizes of characters can be customized very flexibly. The direction and time of movement can also be determined likewise. All the videos can be downloaded in HD and remains in their storage for you to view/edit anytime.

Overall, this is a full-package where you will find everything that you might require while making an animated video. There are other inexpensive options like Toonly, which doesn't quite hold water. If there were to be a contrast, importing external materials like pictures and songs can get laborious in Toonly. There are very few character options with barely any choices for background sceneries. So overall, Vyond is one of the best animation software to create professional animated videos.

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