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Trends of IoT- 2

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This new techno-industrial revolution is being pushed by a slew of technologies, with IoT playing a key role in making production more efficient, less dangerous, and profitable. Industrial IoT improves efficiency and production by integrating and analyzing data in ways that are impossible to do without a connected manufacturing process.

The concept of "digital twin" technology is also gaining traction. Organizations may get a comprehensive picture of how their IoT devices interact with the manufacturing process by using it. This provides keen businesses with insight into how their machines' life cycles work and allows them to anticipate modifications that may be required.

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For various reasons, blockchain offers new hope for IoT security. First, blockchain is open; everyone in the blockchain network's network of nodes may see and approve the blocks and transactions stored, however individuals can still have private keys to manage transactions. Second, because blockchain is decentralized, there is no single authority that may approve transactions, removing the vulnerability of a single point of failure (SPOF). Finally, and most crucially, it's safe—the database can only be expanded, and past records can't be altered.

Manufacturers will see the benefits of having blockchain technology built in all gadgets and compete in the next years.

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IoT devices are a novel technology that is mostly unregulated. In the not-too-distant future, IoT will inevitably face societal and legal issues. This is especially true for the data acquired by these devices, which may soon fall under the scope of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The GDPR, a rule governing the handling of personal data and privacy in the European Union, now has an international reach. Any company wishing to operate successfully within the EU must follow the criteria outlined in the 88-page paper. When it comes to the legal control of personal data, security concerns are critical. Tea for development

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