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Our Journey in the Healthcare Industry

ZS Solutions Limited started its journey in the healthcare industry with SmartMed. It was created in late 2015, and was born from a desire to make a difference and enhance the levels of healthcare provided to millions of people across the world.

SmartMed was made in collaboration with the National Health Service in the UK. With advice from expert physicians, we developed a remote health monitoring app that is able to use IoT technologies to monitor patients by evaluating their valuable health data.

SmartMed was introduced to N2wCorp, a sister concern of Johor Corporation, as LifeMed. This was inaugurated as a pilot project and was customised as per the requirement of N2wCorp. LifeMed has some amazing features that includes: remote health monitoring, alert messaging, e-prescription, and online report generation.

After the successful implementation of SmartMed in Malaysia we focused our attention to Bangladesh. Bangladesh has experienced a remarkable increase in its GDP over the past decade. Prevalent access to the internet and related technology made Bangladesh a lucrative place to launch SmartMed.

SmartMed was introduced as DhakaMed in Matador Wellness and Diagnostic Center as a six-month-long pilot project in early January 2021. The results till now are very impressive. Companies that integrated DhakaMed and Matador Wellness & Diagnostic Center have seen a noteworthy retention of customers.

Stay tuned for more updates!!!

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