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Nurturing customer loyalty

Even with the best-designed eCommerce websites with a large selection of products and smooth functions, customer loyalty is a tricky thing. Any business that lacks client loyalty will struggle, as obtaining a new customer is five times more expensive than keeping an existing one.Increasing client retention rates by 5% can boost profits by 25% to 95%.

“Your brand is your culture.” On so many levels, this adage rings true.

Customer loyalty is a result of excellent customer service, therefore you must ensure that your consumers are happy with the entire exerience of shopping online, from casual browsing to ordering and shipping. Develop your customer care strategy based on a competitive edge you have over other online merchants.

Add a live chat option once more. Having a live customer service representative who can respond to your clients' questions in a friendly and comforting manner develops trust and establishes your brand as dependable in the eyes of customers.

Be open and honest. Display your business's address, phone number, client testimonies and reviews, as well as photos and essential information about your employees. This removes the mask from your eCommerce firm and gives it a human face, making it no longer anonymous.

Take advantage of loyalty programs. Returning clients are rewarded with points, discounts, and coupons in a multi-tiered program, which develops their loyalty and keeps them coming back.

Publish blog posts. Content marketing, such as insightful blog entries that are relevant to your target audience, increases trust and credibility.

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