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Inception of Healthcare Technology

SmartMed began in early 2015 from a desire to make a difference and enhance the levels of healthcare provided to millions of people across the world. It was made in collaboration with the National Health Service in the UK. With advice from expert physicians, we developed a remote health monitoring app that is able to use IoT technologies to monitor patients by evaluating their valuable health data.

However, when the pandemic began SmartMed took a whole new role. Its importance became paramount for people suffering from chronic diseases. The pandemic did not favour the treatment of people who suffer from persistent diseases. By now it is known to all that because they are immunologically compromised, it also makes them more susceptible to the virus. This enhances the necessity of regular checkups more than ever.

Through remote monitoring SmartMed was able to create a bridge between physicians and their respective patients. The patients were able to share their health data and thereby could be remotely supervised under their corresponding physician.

This state of the art technology has helped us to venture in the healthcare industry. Although SmartMed was designed for the United Kingdom, its customisable ability has allowed us to venture into other markets, Malaysia and Bangladesh. SmartMed was introduced as LifeMed in Malaysia and as DhakaMed in Bangladesh.

With increasing popularity we began to introduce new features to the app. Currently, we are working on some exciting technology which will be added in our health monitoring app. Our developers have been hard at work to develop these new features in our platform.

One of the features that we are currently working on is to integrate some bluetooth enabled health devices. This will automatically upload the patient’s health data in our system and which in turn will be shared with their respective physician. Integrating this technology will reduce human intervention and improve patient care. This will be helpful for people who are not very tech savvy, as they won’t have to update any data manually.

Stay tuned for more updates!!!

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