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DhakaMed - Tomorrow’s technology today!

Since the pandemic began, it has become exceedingly hard for hospitals and other caregivers to deliver services to patients. Especially those who suffer from chronic diseases such as type 1 or 2 diabetes. One of the reasons being, vulnerable patients are more prone to catching the virus.

Thus, to reach those at risk we believe the most effective way is to integrate technology into the mix. DhakaMed is an amazing tool that will help you to cater to the aforementioned and share their valuable health data with their respective physicians from the comforts of their homes. Thus, eliminating the risk factor and allowing them to have a healthy and safer lifestyle.

DhakaMed also allows doctors to view patients based on the level of urgency, look at their medical history at a single glance, and prescribe medicines. There are innumerous helpful features to this app. It is helpful for not only the patients but the hospitals and their stakeholders. The data can be used for research purposes, the data pattern will help you better strategize your business to provide efficient service for your clients.

These data can also be used to prevent casualties, which in turn will make your company have a positive image in the company as compared to your competitors. We believe that our invention will revolutionize medical treatment and offer innumerous advantages to either party.

We are continuously working on DhakaMed to improve its functions. We are currently working on adding unique features which help diabetes patients to prevent casualties and help them to adopt a healthier lifestyle. We believe that it is the technology that will eradicate the age-old mindset that diabetes means all enjoyment of life comes to a tragic end. Our team works hard throughout the day to build an app that will transform the lifestyle of diabetes patients into a better one with the best possible experiences.

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