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Boosting Ecommerce Sales

Amazon, now a household name was the first eCommerce platform. From modest beginnings in 1995 to one of the biggest eCommerce platforms today, their journey has never been easy. However, Amazon changed the landscape of online shopping giving shoppers unlimited options and the ease to shop from almost anywhere in the world.

This article will not look into the history of Amazon but rather look at some of the features they used to become one of the giants in the eCommerce industry. Specifically, it will give a closer look into some of the tactics which eCommerce websites can use to boost their sales.

  • Offer short-term discounts: Offering discounts or coupons is an effective way to increase your sales. According to research, around two-thirds of all customers have decided to make a purchase because of a discount offer. This means people are more likely to pay for products when there is a short-term sale. This process has been proven and tested by multiple eCommerce platforms and/or businesses.

  • Change shipping options: Shipping cost is one of the leading reasons behind shopping cart abandonment. As research suggests, 63% of shopping cart abandonment happened due to high shipping costs. Thus, providing a “Free Shipping” feature for a limited time is a sure-fire way to boost your eCommerce sales. However, it should be noted if your business struggles with the shipping cost other avenues can be tested; an example, offering free shipping for orders that meet a certain minimum requirement (free shipping for all orders over 1000 Taka).

  • Use retargeting: Retargeting is one of the most effective ways to boost your sales. Using this feature will help your business predict the future behavior of your customers. The main purpose of such a tactic is to remind your target audience about your brand of products in order to elicit a response or action. Amazon is an expert in retargeting ad campaigns and uses this strategy to make a successful sale to their potential customers.

  • Updating product descriptions: It is important to have a functional and intriguing product description on your eCommerce website. You have to make sure to relate to any reviews or feedback of the product in the product description section. It is also a good idea to pay attention to any specific features or benefits they mention and the language they use and incorporate that into the descriptions you write.

  • Updating product photography: Research suggests, customers are more likely to buy a product with a high-quality photograph compared to one of low resolution. A high-quality photo that shows the product in the best possible light will benefit your business in convincing your customers to buy your product. In addition, having functional photographs of how your products will benefit your customers is another great way to boost your sales.

It is to be noted that we only mentioned a few strategies that you can use to increase your eCommerce sales. There are other strategies as well which you can also look into. If you find this article helpful, please give us a Like so that we can make more like this in the future.

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