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A closer look at Lockdown

Almost everyone around the world has now experienced a lockdown at least once in their life. The feeling of despair, depression, stress, anxiety and helplessness are just some of the few reported mental health problems. Even though they are not widely talked about, they still have a significant hold over the productivity of people everyday. This article will explore the paradigm of factors that affect mental health due to working exclusively from home .

According to the US National Health Library of Medicine, these adverse mental health effects are more likely to influence young adults or teenagers compared to adults. Their research concludes that this pandemic may continue to have increased long-term adverse consequences on children and adolescents. This rapid hike in mental health issues was unanticipated but has to be addressed for our future welfare.

Needless to mention, the lockdown had an adverse impact on the lifestyle of many jobholders. As reports suggest that these losses in employment had a direct impact on the mental health of adults. There was an overwhelming sense of despair and depression among the individuals who got laid off.

According to the Household Pulse Survey, 42% of the household had to undergo feelings of anxiety and depressive disorder. The research also suggests that due to their mental health fatigue they have experienced significant loss in their productivity at work.

It is evident that mental health has become a significant problem during the pandemic. It does not only affect people’s mood but has an adverse effect on their physical health as well which in turn affects their productivity at work. Therefore, it is paramount for both individuals and organizations to put an emphasis on mental health.

Having good mental health is a blessing. It helps people to become more confident, productive, and improve their self-esteem. Thus helping them to become one of the top performers in the workplace.

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